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Additive Masterbatches

Features :

Additive masterbatches are used to modify the characteristics of polymers during but also after their transformation, by giving them specific properties.

They are low dosed. They are classified into several families according to their action.

Main standard products :

  • Processing aid (PPA 2500): creates a coating on the metal walls of the machine. It reduces die deposits and eliminates orange peel.
  • Antioxidants (AO1PP – AO1025): based on phenolic or phosphite chemical substances, they prevent thermal degradation of polymers during their transformation and during machine shutdowns.
  • Thermal (IR 70 – IR70+): contain mineral agents that allow greenhouse films to retain heat (Infra-Red rays) absorbed by the ground during the day and then re-emitted at night.
  • Anti-UV (UV 4525): contain chemical molecules capable of reducing or even inhibiting the degradation process of polymers exposed to UV radiation.
  • Moisture absorbers (DSC – DSC PF – DSC LC) find wide use as dehumidifiers in the processing of polymers and recycled materials.
  • Black and White color masterbatches

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