Features :

TALCOLIN® is a masterbatch in the form of granules, composed of polymer and talc.

TALCOLIN® improves the productivity of processing lines and the mechanical qualities of final products.
Certain products in the range meet the requirements of European directive 2011/10/EC in terms of food safety.

Use of TALCOLIN® reduces the consumption of polymers at the source, making it an ecological and economical product.

To be used between 5 and 30% in the formulation.

Packaging: Big Bags, Octabins, 25Kg bags on pallet, Tank truck (25T)

% talc40 – 75% (standard, fine & extra fine)
MatrixLLD / PP-H / PP-C
ApplicationBlown Film / Tubes / Tays / Sheets
ColorGrey to white
Specifi formulationTalcolin Mix (CaC03 – Talc)
  • LLDPE matrix: extrusion of films (70 to 75% Talc)
  • LLDPE + Fine talc matrix: extrusion of films, transparency, thermoforming (70 to 75% Fine talc)
  • PP Homo et Copo matrix: plates extrusion, thermoforming, injection, sheets extrusion… (60 to 75% Talc)

Le TALCOLIN® PP 75 Z+ peut être livré en :

  • Big-Bag de 1200 à 1400 Kg
  • Octabins de 1100 à 1300 Kg
  • Sacs de 25 Kg disposés sur palette de 1250 Kg
  • Camion citerne de 25 tonnes

Nous recommandons de stocker le produit dans un local sec pendant une durée de 2 ans maximum.

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